Research and Development

Teachers Researchers

Dr. Miguel A. Cabrera

Ing. Juan E. Ise

Ing. Jose I. Cangemi

Lic. Maria Graciela Molina

Ing. Silvina A. Grupalli

Ing.  Fernando A. Miranda Bonomi

Ing. Zenón Saavedra

Ing. Marcelo E. Mitre Muñoz

Ing. Mariano Fagre

Ing. Jorge Sacandaliaris

Dr. Luis A. Scida


Sr. Maximiliano Medina

The Observatory

Are all deployed and operational instruments on the campus of the Faculty of Science and Technology

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They are the projects in our facilities

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Scientific Publications

Publications that are new to the laboratory offers the user greater knowledge

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Scientific Links

The laboratory offers a number of different scientific laboratory link to different places with those works

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